Robotic Cardiac Surgery

NYU Langone Medical Center is internationally known as a leader in the development of minimally-invasive cardiac procedures and now robot-assisted cardiac procedures. These procedures are done through very small incisions for the robotic arms with minimal trauma, avoiding the need to cut through the patient’s chest bone.

NYU Langone is currently the only center in the New York area and one of just a few in the Northeast to perform robot-assisted mitral valve repair, robot-assisted coronary artery bypass, robotic surgery for atrial fibrillation, and robotic hybrid procedures.

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Cardiac Conditions

A complete list of conditions treated robotically by our cardiac surgeons.

Cardiac Procedures

A complete list of robot-assisted procedures performed by our cardiac surgeons.

Cardiac Surgeons

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  • Didier Loulmet, M.D. Program Director, Robotic Cardiac Surgery (mitral valve repair, coronary artery bypass, ASD repair, atrial fibrillation surgery and hybrid procedures)
  • Eugene Grossi, M.D. Director, Robotics Research (mitral repair and atrial fibrillation surgery)