Mitral Valve Repair - The NYU Cardiac Surgery Difference

NYU heart surgeons introduced mitral valve repair into the United States, refined the technique over the last 30 years and proved its worth in clinical trials. We have performed the most mitral valve repair procedures in the country, avoiding the need to replace the mitral valve which would require future reoperations.

The 3,800 mitral valve repair procedures performed at NYU since 1979 have demonstrated that repair is preferable over replacement and that surgery should be performed as early as possible when the risks of treatment are the lowest.

Undergoing mitral valve repair not only showed a lower risk of valve-related complications, but demonstrated improved survival compared to patients undergoing mitral valve replacement surgery.

Mitral Valve Repair Today

Today, NYU is a leader in the field of mitral valve repair, training visiting surgeons from around the world, and performing the most minimally invasive mitral valve repairs than any other hospital in the country.

What makes our Mitral Valve Repair Center unique is that we have been following every one of our patients for over 30 years from the beginning, having the patient return for annual checkups and echocardiograms. From the data collected, NYU has published numerous reports demonstrating the benefits of mitral valve repair:

  • Spares the patient's natural mitral valve
  • Avoids lifelong use of blood-thinners
  • Less bleeding
  • Fewer infections
  • Lower valve related complications
  • Lower risk for endocarditis
  • Better heart function
  • Higher Survival Rate