Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery

Traditionally, cardiac surgery requires exposure of the heart through dividing the breastbone (median sternotomy) and use of the heart lung machine (cardiopulmonary bypass). A minimally invasive approach allows access to the heart without the use of the large breastbone incision and may not require the use of the cardiopulmonary bypass.

NYU heart surgeons have achieved an unmatched, research-based level of experience and skill with minimally invasive heart surgery. The cases performed to date have demonstrated that it is a safe and broadly applicable technique for performing a wide range of complex cardiac procedures, including single or multiple valve procedures as well was congenital repairs. As a result the minimally invasive technique is considered the preferred approach for most of these patients.

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery has been performed on over 5,000 patients who come from all over the world to NYU for our unparalleled expertise. Our minimally invasive heart surgery team has performed a wide range of complex procedures.

Watch Video: Dr. Galloway on Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery

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