Congenital Heart Disease

NYU Approach

Congenital Cardiac Surgery

The Division of Pediatric & Adult Congenital Cardiac Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center treats patients of all ages with inherited and acquired cardiac defects. Our surgeons have an extensive experience with reconstructive procedures on patients with complex cardiovascular disorders. Optimum care of these patients requires a team approach of recognized experts in pediatric and adult cardiology, neonatal and pediatric cardiac intensive care, pediatric cardiac anesthesiology, nursing, and extracorporeal perfusion. The goal of this multidisciplinary team at the NYU Congenital Cardiac Surgery Center is to provide excellent care for patients of all ages in a safe, comfortable and informative environment. 

We recognize that the prospect of heart surgery and a stay in the hospital may seem frightening, especially to young children, which is why we make every effort to provide a warm, caring, and comfortable environment for patients and families alike. Our children's floors are bright and cheerful, and they are staffed by some of the nation's finest pediatricians and pediatric nurses.

Fortunately, most children treated at NYU find that the hospital experience is not as scary as they had anticipated. In most instances, children are admitted the morning of surgery. After leaving the O.R., children are immediately brought back to the pediatrics unit - and back to their parents. Since nothing promotes healing like a loving mother or father, we invite parents to remain with their children as much as possible during their hospital stay.

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