Aortic Aneurysm Surgery

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Larger aortic aneurysms may require a surgical repair. This involves removing the portion of the aorta that contains the aneurysm and replacing it with a synthetic graft. The procedure involves general anesthesia, open-chest surgery, and a hospital stay of five days or more. If the aneurysm involves important branches of the aorta, these vessels may be repaired or bypassed.

We offer virtually every open surgical approach including: 

  • Aortic valve-sparing root replacement (Modified David Re-implantation or Yacoub Remodeling procedures)

  • Composite Valve Graft Root Replacement (bioprosthesis or mechanical)

  • Aortic Homograft

  • "Freestyle" valve and root replacement

  • Cabrol Procedure

  • Thoraco-Abdominal repair and replacement

  • Ross Procedure